Do you want sexy hair this summer? Than you need to protect your hair from heat and water b by keeping it hydrated and healthy. Follow these simple guidelines when caring for your LOX Hair Extensions and natural hair. We will help keep your maintenance low and glamour high.

How To Protect Your Hair From Heat

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How to protect your hair from heat

Summertime is all about having fun in the sun. Soaking in the rays and diving deep into any body of water to cool off is more than likely, but you need to protect your hair from heat and water. Whether you wear hair extensions or you are keeping it natural, everyone is susceptible to hair color fading as well as damage from the sun, chlorine and salt water. Keeping your hair looking fabulous is easy this summer with these tips and tricks provided below.

Beat the Heat

  • General Guideline:  The easiest way to protect your hair from heat is to keep it hydrated. Washing hair less, conditioning more and lessening the amount of heat tools used when styling will all help lock in the moisture. We also recommend the use for professional products to protect your LOX, your look and your investment.
  • Beach Babe-  Beach inspired tresses are all the rage throughout the summer months. The easiest way to achieve a beachy, laid-back look is by using a product to enhance texture and letting nature takes it course. We recommend a light-weight mousse, or a leave-in conditioner to help tame your tresses and give it some body. Letting your hair air dry will protect your hair from heat from the blow dryer. If you wear LOX Single Strand Micro Bead Remy Hair Extensions be careful. If you wash and go, the extra moisture will break down the silicone that is attaches the extension hair to the bead. Take time to blow dry the base of the extensions for 3-5 minutes. Next add in your product, brush out the hair extensions and grab your beach bag. If you haven’t tried Sun Bum hair products we recommend them!
  • Shield Yourself: Sun, wind and water are all elements that can rough up the quality of your hair. We recommend the use of professional products with UV and H2O protectants to restore the radiance and health of natural and extension hair. Our favorite sun shield is Shu Umera Essence Absolue Oil-In-Cream. This rich nourishing cream also helps fight against frizz and humidity, which is an extra bonus. 
  • Lather Up: We often recommend a nourishing or hydrating masque when treating your LOX. Treat yourself and apply the mask to your hair before hitting the beach or pool. The heat from the sun will help activate the mask and allow it to penetrate deeper into the hair. An added bonus, is if you come in contact with an body of water, it will repel harmful elements like salt and chlorine. 
  • Turn It Down: We all love heat styling our hair with flat iron, curling iron, wands and so on. There is no need to have your irons turned up to the maximum degree. It will fade your color and remove the water and moisture content in your strands. Over time this will cause your hair to become brittle, dry and tangle. Make sure to keep your heat tools at 300 degrees or under for the best results. Also ensuring that you are only using ceramic tools will help protect your hair from heat. Lastly don’t forget your heat protection styling aids. 

We hope this answered your questions of how to protect your hair from heat. Please be sure to follow our suggested guidelines over the spring/summer months. Treat yourself to some great products in order to keep your maintenance low and your glamour high. We would love to hear what your favorite summer styling must-haves are in the comments below.

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